Let me START by saying that the things I share are words for me first. I have come to realize that when I am blessed with a creative idea or better understanding about something, I should use it to bless others.

On my way driving to work one day, an interesting analogy about the word START came to mind. The word START contains the words “star” and “art,” as well as the letter “t.” The letter “t” mimics the symbol of the holy cross. You are the star! Your art is your vision, goal, or idea. Whenever you START something like a new vision, goal, or idea, you must take up your cross. This means to take ownership of whatever that vision, goal, or idea is and carry the weight of seeing it through.

I also noticed that the words “mini” and “try” are in the word ministry. Oftentimes, we think of our vision, goal, or idea as being huge instead of breaking the plan down into smaller parts. We all have a personal ministry we can do or be a part of whether it’s with church, home, work, making people laugh, or something else. It may not necessarily be in the form of religion, but it is a gift from the Divine One, and someone needs your ministry, my ministry, our ministry. I coined the “s” in ministry to symbolically stand for START. I’m super excited to have teamed up with my mother to START this blog as a platform to empower you while taking you along my sewing journey (more to come). If you haven’t already, why not step out on faith and give a START to your personal ministry a mini try!

Have faith, hope, and love on purpose!

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