Happy Transparency Tuesday!

Sewwwww, I’m in the process of making my first outfit. The pattern is called New Look 6301. It’s a basic starter mock wrap dress. I feel like my hands aren’t moving as fast as my vision to have a closet full of self-made dresses, but it’s moving. I’m still getting reacclimated to sewing. I made a test garment, and now I’m working on the actual fabric. I plan on showing you all regardless of how it turns out!

Also, I wanted to share the biggest sewing flop I ever had just for laughs and fun! I haven’t sewn in several years until recently. A skill my grandmother and mother taught me growing up. At age 15, I made a pair of shiny silver capri pants for a picnic my girlfriends, sisters, and I were attending in Philly. It was the first article of clothing I made besides stitching on paper and making a belt for practice. I wanted to stand out and be different, so I figured silver capris would be the way to go. I used either a silky or satin type of material to make the pants and that was a bad idea LoL. I paired it with a black spaghetti shirt and black heels. My grandmother told me not to make the pants tight because the material wasn’t stretchy, but I couldn’t get past the thought of how awful loose capris would look on me. Again, bad idea!! Needless to say, I could barely walk. I remember when we all had to board the SEPTA bus on our way to the picnic. I lifted, well…I attempted to lift one leg and could barely reach the first step of the bus. My girlfriends and sisters teamed up to help me get up the steps. Thank goodness cell phones with videos weren’t around back then or at least not popular. Whew! That would have been sooo embarrassing. On the flip side, I still managed to get away with coordinating a cute outfit and having a blast!!! Definitely an unforgettable, yet hilarious experience.

Have faith, hope, and love on purpose!

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