Happy #ForwardThinking Friday!

One day while enjoying my day off, I decided to go down for a well-needed nap (a.k.a my beauty sleep lol). Not that I’m a stranger to getting some good ole self-care rest, but this nap stood out. Although I was “KNOCKED OUT,” I woke up with an acronym for F.I.G.H.T on my mind…


So what is F.I.G.H.T?

FORGIVENESS: Letting go of the offense of others.
Side Note: This one is still a work in progress for me at times.

INSIGHT: Gaining a different perspective for a fresh outlook.

GREATNESS: Setting yourself apart or rising above the circumstance. The new you doesn’t have to react like the old you.

HEALING: Going through a process that enables you to become whole.

TRUTH: Being honest with yourself.

Have a weekend full of blessings and keep your mind set on THE DIVINE WAYMAKER.

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