I Lack No Good Thing!

I Lack No Good Thing!

Happy Motivational Monday!


“I Lack No Good Thing!”

Filling myself up with gratitude and declaring that “I lack no good thing!” Inspired by Psalm 34:10 NIV. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself of all the things the Lord has already done in your life. Maybe you are too, waiting for that big thing that your heart desires? Maybe for you it’s a new house, new job, start of a new business or taking it to the next level, healing, marriage, travel, college degree, ideas for that new book you want to write, and the list goes on. Yet, the wait can be very frustrating at times. I mean very frustrating! However, it is not good to let frustration take over the master bedroom of your thoughts nor turn your inner home into a shack. Although it’s a natural feeling, don’t give it permanent living space.

I have three uplift tips I want to share, and I hope you find these helpful:

1) Renew your mind. Oftentimes, we have to click the refresh button on our thinking because it’s connected to what we believe. For example, I made a list of all the things the Lord has already done in my life a few months ago, and it’s now serving as a visual reminder while I continue to trust in him. When I was reviewing the list, I had to admit to myself that he has already brought me through some huge circumstances.

2) Position yourself toward the direction of your desires and allow the Lord to order your steps.

3) Speak life over yourself and declare “I lack no good thing!” A reminder to be thankful for what you do have, and confident in all of what the Lord has placed on the inside of you during your faithwalk.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about my dress. I work on it little by little as I can, but I hope to show you all soon! In the meantime, I’ll continue to empower you with what empowers me!

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