First Dress!

First Dress!

Happy It’s Sew Sunday!

Dress number one complete (yay)! This sewing journey has been quite the adventure so far, and I’m just getting warmed up. For starters, here are the pattern details…

Pattern: NewLook 6301
Design: Mock Wrap Dress
View: C
Color: Black
Fabric: Knit
Pattern Pieces Used: 8
Lining: None

Would you believe I started this dress in August of 2018 (yikes)? When I began this project, I thought it was going to take me a few days at most. Ideally yes, but the realization kicked in while managing everything else I had going on and getting reaclammated to sewing. The reason I started the dress in the first place was to wear it to an event that occurred this past October, but that was wishful thinking. With all the setbacks I encountered, I wanted to give up and start the dress over. However, I was reminded of how God works in our life when things don’t go according to our plans. I was reminded of the biblical scripture “…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…” Philippians 1: 6 NIV. That was my motivation, so I kept going. Most of the mistakes I made were in the bodice. I wore an old blazer to camoflogauge my sewing flops.

The Test Garment

I used muslin fabric to make the test garment. However, the muslin fabric was not stretchy like the knit fabric of the actual dress. I had difficulty trying on the test garment, so I did not get an accurate fit.

Lesson Learned: Choose a test garment of similar material as the actual garment.

The Actual Dress

Overall, the pattern is beginner friendly and easy to make. Sewing the neck band and armholes were new for me. I encountered challenges on both, but I know I will get better with practice. I used a straight stitch while making the dress. The thread appeared to stay intact, but I do believe this contributed to some of the overstretching of the fabric I noticed once I tried on the dress. Next time, I’ll include a zig zag stitch when working with knits.


The dress comes in sizes 8-20. I cut the smallest, which is a size 8. However, I am very petite, so the smallest was still too big. I took the dress in at the back middle seam, neck band seam, arm seams, as well as the bodice and skirt side seams. Additionally, the dress required elastic in the waist. I did not feel that was necessary since the fabric was stretchy, so I left that out. View C also called for elastic on the arm sleeves. I opted for view A of the arm sleeves just for that portion of the dress, since it did not require the elastic.

Tip from my Mother a.k.a My Sewing Coach: Make all alterations on the pattern prior to cutting.

Although I encountered several obstacles, I still consider this a WIN, and it feels good to try on a me made dress!! Would I make this dress again? Absolutely, but I don’t want to take as nearly as long to make it. Until next time…

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  1. Hey cuz I’m so Happy for you n I support you one hundred percent and the dress looks great for your first dress,keep up the good work and you right practice makes perfect and you keep at it you will be Perfect. Looks like to me your on the right path to SUCCESS. GOD BLESS YOU CUZ,I see I will be purchasing some dresses from my Designer Cousin

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