Making The C.U.T

Making The C.U.T

Happy Freedom Friday!

Recently I watched a video about how to cut fabric straight. Yes, you read that right lol. Cutting seems sew kindergarten, but it’s one of those things I need to improve. After cutting out the neck band for my next dress and looking at how jagged the edges looked, I probably should have opted to use my rotary cutter. I thought having left-handed scissors would solve the problem since I am a lefty! But…I just need plain ole practice and proper technique.

In the video, pattern weights were placed on different parts of the fabric to hold it in place for cutting. I still use the traditional method of pinning my fabric in place, but the pattern weights seem easier and more efficient. Observing the pattern weights being placed on the fabric reminded me of the weight we sometimes feel being placed on our shoulders. This made me realize that the weight being placed on our shoulders is not always to pin us down but to hold us in position long enough in order for God to prune us. It’s the process of removing the access baggage that serves us no purpose. All of those things that just didn’t make the C.U.T. You did! Sometimes, you’re just C.U.T from a different fabric. Other times, there are connecting pieces related to your purpose that are laid on the same fabric going through a similar pruning process. Either way, it’s to shape us up to be a part of something greater than ourselves. The fact that you are enduring the C.U.T signifies that you are being cultivated, you are unshakeable, and you are a living testimony to others in the same boat as you.

You may be the pants leg needed to move in the right direction so that the other pants leg can follow suit in that same direction.

You may be the arm sleeve filled with inner muscle needed to break strongholds off your family.

You may be the back of a shirt needed to be a supportive covering for others.

Whatever it is, I believe it’s for something greater than what we can image.

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