P.U.S.H Through

P.U.S.H Through

Happy You Shine Sunday!

It’s been almost 18 years since I gave birth to my son. An experience, like most women, I’ll never forget. Not to mention, I went without medications. After being in labor for several hours, I still had not given birth. At that point, I remember telling myself, you’re going to have to give it your all and push like you’ve never pushed before. Nevertheless, it was something about the last push that felt different than the rest of them. It was that last push, the hardest push, that produced my greatest joy, my son.

When I think of pushing through, I think of overcoming obstacles in order to manifest what I’ve been desiring. As a result, I created an acronym for P.U.S.H to describe some of the things we push through:


Just like seeds, what you desire has to be nurtured in order to grow. It also takes time, which can seem like forever. Good things require planning, proactivity, and patience.


Fear, doubt, or worrying are some of the aspects that encompass uncertainty. I think Peter showed this example when he stepped out the boat to walk on water even though he saw Jesus. You can see the goal, but if you take your eyes off the prize and begin focusing on what can go wrong, it can cause you to sink. Peter teaches us to stay focused. (See Matthew 14: 22-32 NIV for the story of Peter walking on water)


Growing up, I remember playing Double Dutch and singing “challenge challenge 1, 2, 3…” The words of a classic jump rope song. When elevating yourself or moving forward is met with a challenge, sometimes the best way to overcome that challenge is to jump in the rope.


Although an ant is tiny, it teaches us a big lesson about storing up. Personally, it has taken every scripture I’ve inscribed on my heart, and every right seed that I’ve planted during a good season to help me in a hard season.

“Pushing through intensity pushes out the blessing.”

In essence, pushing through intensity pushes out the blessing. I’ve been meditating on P.U.S.H Through for over a week. Yet, I didn’t feel ready to share this post quite yet. Coincidentally, I came across Todd Dulaney’s song “Pulling Me Through” via my church’s praise and worship team, and it specifically reminded me of what I had been missing. That’s when I realized that as we push through, God is pulling us through. Like childbirth labor, you may have to breathe between all the work you’re putting in, but remember to P.U.S.H through!

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