About E-Boutique


She Sew Dressed eBoutique

Welcome! She Sew Dressed is a DIY + Fashion & Empowerment brand that launched in 2019. A platform for sharing sewing makes and inspirational content. In 2020, our brand further expanded with an eBoutique created to speak style, sensuality, and an edge of sass. We provide an online shopping space for the woman who likes to add to her look-good, feel-good vibe.

Currently, She Sew Dressed eBoutique is fashionably equipping women with handbag accessories. Our handbags are not handcrafted by us but are thoughtfully selected from our suppliers with the fashionista in mind. We value looking and feeling good on the inside as the leading light, and we also love seeing that glow reflect on the outside. With that being said, we visualize our handbags as the catalyst between the fashionista and all she values in it echoing her unique style. We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us and making our handbags a complementary staple to your custom sewn or ready-to-wear wardrobe!

Thanks so much for shopping! 🖤