Her Story


“Fashion elevates my vibe…I love to wear what makes me feel good, but to wear something I’ve made is an accomplished joy that feels like a gift to myself.”

~Yokque Nzingha

Hi, I’m Yokque Nzingha, Creative Visionary behind She Sew Dressed, a DIY + Fashion & Empowerment boutique brand created to share sewing makes, inspirations, and provide accessories.

Sewlationship Goals

My relationship with sewing can be summed up in my signature mantra for S.E.W. It is my goal, as well as to inspire you to (S)hine+(E)volve+(W)in by tapping into your own creative energy whether it’s through sewing or another lane of your own.

On A Sewing Ecstasy

Coming from a lineage of sewers, my grandmother and mother were highly instrumental in teaching me how to sew at a young age. My vision to continue this legacy sparked years later when I found it challenging to find dresses that I liked and fit me right. For me, sewing outfits that make me look good and feel good even with it’s learning curves is one of my deepest passions, so I created a space to share my journey.

She Sew Dressed eBoutique

Sewing is my personal journey, but my eBoutique is all about helping fashion lovers add to their look-good, feel-good vibe. My eBoutique was created to speak style, sensuality, and an edge of sass and currently provides thoughtfully selected handbag accessories. Discover more about my eBoutique here.

The Journalista’s Inspo

The Journalista’s Inspo is the tea for all things inspiration created as an outlet to share content related to sewing and beyond.

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